Tribe 10:24 – Stand Against Injustice

//Tribe 10:24 – Stand Against Injustice

Tribe 10:24 – Stand Against Injustice

A boy runs down a sand dune while playing after the sun sets at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas

As you may already know, as missionaries, we do our best to keep people informed of our happenings. One of the ways we do this is through an online newsletter. Our last one was a big step for us. We are excited to announce the birth of Tribe 10:24 which allows people to join with our family as we continue to lay our lives down for the sake of others. The link below also lets you subscribe to our newsletters, see our past ones, and most importantly, share it with whomever you think might be interested in partnering with us. This is an extremely crucial effort that can only work if it gets outside our own circles. Please help if you can.


Faithfully Seeking,

The Harger Fam*

No Muck Motto: Big journeys require small steps.

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