Well, we’ve promised this for quite a while and here it finally is. We are so thrilled to show you our little 300 square foot corner of the world to which we’ve been called.

Before you take a moment to look at the pictures below, I’d like to make a few points. First of all, as you may have read in our previous posts, we are a family that chose to walk away from a 4 bedroom home in a gated golf community, a career that took years to obtain, and a somewhat secure lifestyle to pursue the life we believe we were created for. As you take a look through these pictures and video, know that we are not putting these on to brag or focus on ourselves or what we’ve done, but to highlight the joy we are experiencing through our journey of decreasing. Know that before we stepped away from our old life, we had no idea of what the future was going to hold. The step into full-time RV living was a way for us to drastically decrease our housing expenses (by over 80%), absorb increased costs for Sy’s therapy in our budget, and, most importantly, for us to be able to more fully focus on investing more in the Kingdom.

The work we have done together as a family has been so much fun and we have proved that moving in the opposite direction of the world’s road signs can be a lot of fun. This does not negate the fact that every day is a new challenge (our current issue is having enough water pressure to wash your hair) and it takes A LOT of teamwork to pull this off.

Just know that every painted wall (thanks for the inspiration Sara Janssen), every piece of kid’s art, and every glass of juice is done to the glory of God and the fact that He will provide as He guides (and that He has a great sense of humor). We are still putting the pieces of our roadmap together, but we pray that our journey so far will be an exciting exclamation to encourage you to follow Christ and radically test your faith every day.

It’s tough to have a housewarming party when you don’t have a house and it’s probably a little too warm to pack people in a small space during a Florida summer, but this post is to thank all the family, friends, and supporters who have helped us live out the Great Commission in a mind-blowing way. (Btw, we have no problem if you’d like to come visit us one family at a time.)

Enough with the sentimental gabbing, Jordan. On with the show! The video tour is at the bottom.