[This post should have been out a while ago. Due to the worst internet access we’ve had in a while and a bunch of kids that decided to get scary sick, we’ve been a bit delayed.]

So…um….things are….different.

As you have maybe read in previous posts or caught up with us personally, you’ve probably known our heart to step into a life of serving others that is on a whole different playing field. After years of rattling cages, we’ve finally done it. In fact, we are so sure that this is what we are supposed to do that we crossed the “no turning back” line. It can sometimes feel terrifying, but in a bigger sense, I know that we’ve finally taken the step to follow the voice that’s been beckoning us for what seems like a lifetime. That is the part that keeps us moving forward and totally psyched about what’s next.

We moved out of our house two weeks ago. We are living in “homeless” limbo right now. I quit my job like a madman. Security and comfort just took the bus out of town. The lives we knew are gone. What could be worth doing all that?


I’m sure that a few of you probably think we’ve lost it. Understandably so. This is not the kind of thing that normal peeps do (or are taught to do). No one would ever give you advice to do this. Immediate family members get real concerned when things like this happen. However, if you really knew all the details of the story that’s being woven in our family’s heart, you’d be as excited as us.

Here’s a big helping of truth meatloaf for ya: there’s no way of what we’re doing working out unless God comes through. If He doesn’t, we’re in a real mucky mess. We have taken steps that have taken 100% faith on purpose. This is the kind of life we are pursuing and have been called to for several years. It came down to black or white obedience. That’s it. The real question comes down to whether or not we have the cajones to let go of what we have to grab onto the Vine that’s been dangling in front of us. At the end of all of this, we want people to know that the only way for a couple with four small kids (especially with special needs) to make this transition was from a supernatural source. If you really knew the circumstances around us, you might be tempted to place your bets elsewhere. But, fortunately for us, we have a (not-so-secret) Weapon that’s been 100% effective every time.

So, what’s next?

Here is what we know:

After years of pursuing and praying, this January, we are starting international training to focus on serving people all over the world. We believe that all of the events that have played out in our family have led us to where we are right now. With all the experience and knowledge that we’ve been blessed with, we feel we had two options: 1) pursue a life solely focused on our own success and well-being or 2) pursue a life focused on the happiness and well-being of others. We’ve chosen the latter, but we’ve already begun to experience the immense amount of sacrifice that it’s going to take to make it happen. In order for others to increase, we must decrease.


With the road we’ve travelled with Sy’s health, the miracles that we have experienced are not ones that we can keep to ourselves. We recently had a self-sustaining aquaponic farming company come to us to help us develop a system that we could use for Sy’s produce needs. What a blessing, right? Our only problem was that this kind of setup isn’t really welcomed in the backyard of a gated golf community. Keeping swinging and don’t mind that fishy smell, Mr. Golf Pants. The other thought was that if we could get this going for ourselves, how can we use this to bless others? After doing lots of research–the local, national, and international possibilities are endless. As we begin our international training with YWAM Orlando, we will be working to develop a fully-functioning and expandable aquaponic system on the organization’s 200-acre property. We hope to eventually grow the system to meet the organization’s food needs, then the local community, then communities elsewhere, and then the world. This base (one of over 1,100 internationally) sends teams of folks to multiple corners of the world EVERY quarter. Because many of these areas have severe food shortages and medical issues, we can help bring aquaponics and healthy, clean food to those in need. Also, because the Gerson Therapy has made such a huge impact on us (to say the least), we will use this knowledge to benefit those who need help with treatable diseases through diet.


My emergency and medical training as a firefighter/paramedic will continue to be developed and maintained. Because there are so many opportunities to bless others in this regard, this also will open doors to opportunities that would not be open otherwise. God has given me the experience to see life in the beginning and at the end. I’ve seen people’s lives changed forever by traumatic events and catastrophic health failures. This is another reason for taking a hard look at the life I am living and how I should be spending it. Instead of continuing to bury these talents over and over again, let’s go do some investing! I know that the tools and personality I have will make a difference wherever they are needed.


As we continue to work in the online community, we (especially Heather) are reaching out to people all over this world and use our experience to offer some form of encouragement or help. We know what it’s like to be at the end of your rope and we want to be available more to help in those situations. We have many avenues that are available to us in this arena and will be working on developing them very soon. We have a couple projects in the works right now that we think could be game changers. Keep an eye out here and we’ll let ya know. I’m chuckling just thinking about them now.

Our 6-month training program will be composed of a “being poured into” portion and a “pouring out” portion that will allow us to practically put our training into action. This time is much needed to listen and focus on where exactly God is leading our family. It’s going to be exactly what we need to start this adventure off on the right foot. Although it’s tempting to run ahead, we must remember that the horse goes before our cart.


The term “No Muck” came to us with a great vision over 10 years ago. We will start building into this vision in a way we never could before. Chasing people’s wild hearts and helping them to be who they were fully created to be is the focus. Are you ready for what’s next? Are we? Bonzai!!!

We are pumped to report that God has used people to help us take our first step; however, we don’t know where all the resources are going to come from for the subsequent steps. Sy’s needs are taken care of for the short-term, but our family has monthly expenses and needs that will still be there. With Sy’s therapy, we are looking at making an investment that can have an recurring nutritional return. The lesson has always been if we follow His instructions, what we need will be there when we need it. It’s time to take this area of our faith to a whole other level as well. We will do our part and trust Him to do His. If you’d like to know how to help, let us know by using our “Contact Us” page above.

After our training, there are glimpses of multiple paths that are available. Local needs that are ready for us to jump in, invitations to some speaking events in the US, overseas projects, training programs… Regardless of where it goes, we just need to keep our focus on the only thing that can sustain our hearts and keep them gunk-free. The rest will take care of itself. We also don’t know where our family’s home will be after the training. We have freed ourselves up to a point that we can go wherever we are needed. Please pray that we would have the wisdom to go where we are needed most.


We want to say thanks to every one of you who have encouraged us to be where we are today. Let’s change the world together!

With Reckless Abandon,