Oh man. If you’ve followed our journey at all, you can see that this last 18 months has been chocked full of adventure and miracles. We wouldn’t believe it ourselves if it didn’t happen to us!

If you’ve missed how we got ourselves into this, start HERE. Otherwise, keep reading!

Version 2

(This was painted on the side of our aquaponics system by girls we hardly knew over a year ago. Never knew how much the words in this pic would mean to us now.)

**This is the point the post that you need to know that I had written a bunch of paragraphs to announce our next BIG steps. I thought it was pretty good in getting the message across. After it was all done, Essi comes to me with an entry in her journal and asks me to read it… God then humbled me and showed me she needed to communicate this big news to the world. Here it is:

Our Story

Jesus loves and cares for you. He created the universe. He has done miracles for me and my family. My brother has a disease called EE and he wasn’t able to eat anything. We started the Gerson Therapy and he started drinking juices. But then he was able to eat oatmeal, apples, apple juice, orange juice, another type of juice [she meant his green juice], and more.

Let me tell you about the time I accepted Jesus. I was lying in bed thinking about accepting Jesus. I had twice before, but felt like I didn’t mean it, so I accepted Him for real. All my life I felt a weight on my back. At that moment, all the weight was lifted off. Jesus says He will share our burden. I was so happy! After that, I changed and I told all my secrets.

Our parents felt like God called us to South Africa. But He has also called me to Australia, China, Dominican Republic, and of course South Africa. [Some of this was new to us–we need to get this girl started on the amazing life God has for her!]

One morning in worship, God told me six. Six what, I asked. Six people. Who? Six people will change the world. He meant me and my family. We have six people in our family!

God can use you, too!

May God bless you.

Esther L. Harger, Age 10 USA FL

The bottom line? We’re packing up and heading for South Africa. 

God has clearly opened the doors for our family to go and play a role in fighting the injustices that lie there. Have you read the recent news about immigrants being beaten to death? HERE‘s (WARNING: it’s graphic) a report that really shows how desperate people are getting, so there’s no time to lose. We know it will not be easy, but God is making our paths straight on this. Not only are things falling into place, but we have a group of folks there who are giving us loads of encouragement and are cheering us on with each closer step. We cannot tell you how much that means to us! We have been officially accepted by a ministry in South Africa (more to come on that!) and our mission to “break the cycle of poverty by bringing the holistic Gospel to the sick, widowed, orphaned, and exploited” will be put into full use.


We need your grace, Lord, for a broken place that needs love, but BRING IT ON.


Now that we’ve been continually praying as a family, doing months of homework, scheduling hours of Skype meetings, and more, the only thing holding us back from getting there is the support that we need from people like you. If you are interested in partnering with a family who spreads love in super fun ways and who promises to stay committed to what Jesus commanded, please prayerfully consider partnering with us and click HERE to get started. If you know of any people, groups, businesses, etc. who might like to partner with us, please point them our way or pass us the information.

**There will be more on this later, but we are SO PUMPED to announce that we have two business partners who have heard our story and are helping us get across the ocean as soon as we can. (Pssstt…We also hope to bless all of our supporters with a little of the love they are giving us! Stay tuned!)

There is much work to be done and we need all the help we can get. Please comment, send any questions, encouragement, a virtual high five, selfie, or whatever. We cannot tell you how much all of you readers have contributed to getting us where we are today! Just one sentence means the world to us!

No Muck Forever,
The Harger Fam*

No Muck Motto:

Get involved with what God is doing. He’s got a perfect record and you can’t lose.