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What exactly will you be doing in South Africa?

Great question! As you may have picked up from our backstory, our experience and life story has given us a heart for serving others medically (paramedicine), agriculturally (aquaponics),  through hygiene & nutrition (Sy’s healing), and educationally (Heather’s teaching background and passion for mothers and babies). We have also been given a platform to not only tell our story, but to open the eyes of the world to what is going on in other parts of the globe through our online channels.

From our time in South Africa, through networking, online meetings, and more, we have established relationships and have open doors to join work that is already thriving there. Here are just a few examples:

Primary Healthcare Training & Education – Jordan has been asked to help teach some classes (like first aid, CPR, etc) in the school and take part in some of the outreaches to the surrounding villages that are in desperate need of medical care and education. These are legit medical outreaches!

HIV/AIDS – With rates that are out of control, Living Hope is working to educate for prevention, provide access to treatment for those who have been diagnosed, and give loving care to those who are in the last stages of the disease. With Jordan’s familiarity with education, medical procedures, and coping with death, we are ready to bring relief and decline to the growing numbers.

Community Development - We are very excited to continue conversations with an organization that is focused on changing the poverty-stricken townships from the inside out. They have expressed interest in our health & nutrition knowledge and experience and also aquaponics technology, since South Africa has a MAJOR water availability issue that needs to be solved quickly (aquaponics uses 90% less water!)

Because the problems in South Africa are multi-dimensional and are layered with years of fighting and struggle, several South Africans have encouraged us to spend the first part of our time there doing something profound: LISTENING TO PEOPLE AND THE NEEDS. We were told that going with a pre-determined opinion about an issue or people will undermine our desire to serve and it could severely damage relationships for the future. It’s also really arrogant to think that we know exactly what to do before we establish ourselves in the country and go to great lengths to truly understand what’s going on and how our gifts can be used there.

Please don’t take all of that as wishy-washy gobbledegook. God has opened so many doors to our family in South Africa that we are beyond excited to see what He has behind each one. It is really tempting to make promises about this and that, but the truth is that God hasn’t revealed what all lies on the other side of the ocean yet. Just know that we are smart enough to join an organization and ministries that are dedicated to seeing healing and restoration.

Who is YWAM and what are they about?

Youth With A Mission is an organization that has been around since 1960. They have over 1,100 locations in over 180 different countries.

You can go HERE to learn more about YWAM as an organization.

You can go HERE to learn more about YWAM Muizenberg (the specific location we will be working with.)

What about Sy and his disease? Is it safe for him to go?

During the trip in January, this was one of the main research focuses that would have been a deal breaker if it couldn’t sustain Sy and our family as a whole. If you haven’t heard the great news about Sy that has made even considering this journey possible, go HERE.

To make a long story short, we really felt like God rolled out the red carpet for Sy and our entire family in South Africa. Not only will we have access to doctors and facilities that will help us monitor him, but the produce that we need for his therapy will be more easily available and about 30% cheaper than here in the states. I’m sure you’re as shocked as we were…this was way beyond what we expected.