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Women’s Empowerment Center

*To make a long story short, as we’ve been in South Africa, we’ve learned so much about the struggles and needs of the people here. We’ve made an impact in several areas so far, but we have felt led to begin serving the need for family preservation through women’s education, empowerment, and dignity. We will be honest and tell you that this was probably the last thing we would have expected to get involved in, but God continues to pour vision into our hearts without even asking for it. As we start to look at our network of connections, our skill sets, and our relationships with those in need, we are seeing a picture being painted before our eyes. This property that’s available to us would become bridges that we can build in several different spheres (the government, the more formal community near the informal settlements, clinics, local businesses, and more.) The story of how we came to find this place is a pretty good one, so we know God is up to something. The board of directors that currently owns the building has been made aware of our interest and has been extremely open to moving forward. They are waiting for one member to recover from illness before they meet to discuss a price. We believe that the property will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $75K and renovations to be around $30K. These are rough estimates right now as we are gathering as much information as we can. Please stay tuned for more details and feel free to ask questions!

Ministry Vehicle

*For the past year and a half, we have been operating on one vehicle that is older and isn’t in the greatest of shape. This often gets tricky when trying to navigate through our work, the needs of our family of six, meetings, and events. We are looking forward to being a bigger blessing to our focus communities by making ourselves and a vehicle for the needs there. As our work continues to grow into ones like the Women’s Empowerment Center above, this need is becoming larger and larger. This is just a dream for us right now, but it is a need. We can share our options with you if you would like to chat, just use the link above to contact us.



Schooling Curriculum & Supplies

*The time is quickly approaching for us to look at purchasing our schooling supplies for our family. With Asher turning 5 this year, it will now make it so we are homeschooling FOUR kiddos. Our current school curriculum has been such a blessing to our family and gives us the ability to have a healthy rhythm for ministry and family focus. Getting all the books & supplies safely to South Africa is another story, but we have some options (see below). The cost listed here includes online teacher instruction, all textbooks & workbooks, online testing, and school supplies for all four kids. ($2,835)

Schoolbook Shipping

This is the part we are really struggling with. It was our goal to come back to the U.S. each summer to pick up the books, because the cost of shipping them is just under $2000 (all dem books be heavy-like, yo.) When we come back and reconnect with family, we have enough bag allowance to bring them back for free. Rather than pay for shipping that runs the risk of the packages being lost or stolen, we would have much rather used that money to go toward airline tickets. That window of opportunity is unfortunately closing and we may have no choice but to find another way to get them to SA.

Heather’s Driver’s License & Upcoming Visa Renewals

Another reason for us to get back to the U.S. this summer was for Heather to renew her driver’s license, which expires in October. We just found out that we are required to do this in person at the DMV. We’re going to have to give that some serious consideration if we don’t make it back. We also have to keep in mind that our kids’ visas expire early in 2018 due to the fact that their passports expire then (because children’s passport terms are shorter). It appears that we should be able to do that from South Africa, but it’s going to take a bit of work and expense. These are just a couple of issues on a long mental list, so we really ask for your prayers to make our paths straight.

Home Safety

*Because of the surrounding poverty and violence, safety in our mission field is of great concern for our whole family. The house we are renting is nice, but it has taken a year and a half to get just the approval of the security upgraded. Since police do not respond to emergencies, you often have to hire a private armed company to respond (it’s nuts, we know, but normal.) This and our neighborhood watch costs are not currently in our budget. ($40 per month) You can get a feel for how serious they are by looking at THIS LOCAL COMPANY’S WEBSITE.

Health Insurance

*In 2016, we had a waiting period to be able to address some medical concerns, so we had a basic hospital plan that only covered serious stuff. When 2017 arrived, we felt led to pay for a plan that would cover our whole family well. It was a stretch for us, but we are certainly glad we did it. With Sy’s endoscopy and Heather’s two surgeries this year, it has more than paid for itself. We are very thankful for South African private health insurance because there are so many benefits to take advantage of (like getting cash back on buying healthy food–yep, you read that right).  On top of the $490 monthly premium, there are health costs and special need therapies that fall outside of that that come out of our pocket. Thanks for praying that we continue to navigate these waters well.

Twenty Years!

*In June, we get to celebrate twenty action-packed years of marriage! We ask for your prayers and blessings on the next twenty years!

South Africa Water Crisis

We decided to add this as the reality of running out of water gets closer every day. Because of the lack of rainfall, the dams that provide the water to all homes in the Western Cape are at dangerous levels. We are very concerned that this could turn into a real mess. The dams are currently at 23%, but the last 10% is totally undrinkable. That makes you then ask the question: What exactly is the quality of 11%? 15%? 20%? We are drinking filtered water now, but we are aware of an increase in illness in the poorer areas who drink straight from the tap. If you really consider how your life would be impacted without water, it’s more than you think. Please pray for rain!

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