Whether you have one hour, one week, one month, one year, or one lifetime, there may be a spot for YOU on our team. If you believe that the human suffering is crucial to eliminate, that every life matters, and that we are all part of something much larger than ourselves, let’s chat. Take a look at the list below and see how you might fit in. THIS IS JUST A STARTING POINT, HOMIES. Maybe you have something to offer that we’ve not even considered. Go ahead and blow our minds, yo. If you are interested, please contact us by CLICKING HERE. There are even more ways to partner with us at the bottom of this page.

Marketing Strategist (aka “Rico Suave”)

We need someone who can take a look at what’s happened, what’s happening now, and what’s going to happen all at the same time. We then need someone who can wrap all of that up and present it in a way that yanks on hearts and adds a heap of fun while you’re at it. This person needs to be a self-motivated leader, recruit peeps who want to join this party, guide the other team members on assignments, follow up regularly, and make sure we are all on the same page.

Social Media Manager (aka “The Bedazzler”)

Let’s face it folks, this team is currently headed up by a middle aged dad who thinks he’s on the cutting edge, but it’s just sad to watch. The truth is that we are overwhelmed with the number of things we could post, but we don’t have the time or energy to get it all out there in an easy-to-swallow form. You can see our social media outlets, have a good laugh at some of our less than stellar posts, and then take us to galaxies that have never been explored. We need someone who understands the power of social media, can appropriately wield it, and then hack and slash it like there’s no tomorrow.

Web Designer/Coder (aka “Sticky Boom Boom”)

Our website and our digital world is in desperate need of some help. It is currently WordPress based, so someone who is a guru in that would be greatly appreciated. We would also like to integrate our storefront and products that help fund the change we are passionate about. Much to improve there is. We have a feeling that there are people out there who could probably do this in their sleep. We need a rockstar here. We may require you to wear leather pants while you work.

Graphic Designer (“Max Headroom”)

With all the stuff we’re trying to pull off above, we need someone who has enough creative juices that can mesmerize our audience. Banners, print materials, text overlay, t-shirts, car wraps, cereal boxes…we wanna rock with you all night. I guess we can dance you in the sunlight, while we’re at it.

Content Creator (aka “The Shakanator”)

Our team is on the ground here in South Africa making the biggest impact we can. Trying to help the world to understand the urgency and the full scope of the needs here sometimes seems impossible. We firmly believe that this part of the world is coming more onto the global stage as we see miraculous breakthroughs happen in a place often flooded with hopelessness. We would love to have time at night to write blogs, take amazing pictures, try new fonts, and engage in think tanks, but that would require us to throw away the whole raising a family thing we’ve got going on here. If you love to write, snap, doodle, and experiment, we could use you.

SEO/SEM Specialist (aka “Twinkie the Kid”)

If you have no idea what those stand for, go to the next position…ha! We just need to get the important issues in front of people’s eyes and blow the hinges off Google.

Fundraising Coordinator (aka “Soul Glo”)

We are surrounded by people in need in a broken system here in SA that isn’t working well. We need people who have new ideas on how to find people who are searching for something where they give back and see the results of their generosity. This would also take recruiting others and working with several of these team members to put together some amazing and super fun events. We live our lives on the whole blessed to be a blessing idea and we love to pull people into this lifestyle. Maybe you’re someone who has a powerful sales pitch, but has a nagging desire to pitch something worthwhile. We got what you need, ese.

Business/Organization Liaison (aka “Biz Markie”)

There are businesses and organizations who are frantically looking for ways to partner with projects like what are going on here. You find ‘em, show them how their organization could do much more to impact the world, and then explain the opportunities that we can create together. We know there are heaps of businesses that are waiting for opportunities to change the world. Let’s round up those little doggies and get them moving, Tex.

Accounting/Financial Advisor (aka “Buttons McGee”)

As our work and opportunities are growing here, we could really use some help with all the numbers. We need someone who can help navigate us through all our options and help us and those who are partnered with us make the biggest possible impact.


With the input we’re receiving, this list keeps growing…we’ll expand on these later, but keep them in your hat as well:

Small Business Investors (aka “Thundercats”)

Video Producer/Editor (aka “Shorty Tickles”)


If you’re looking for specific ways you can be praying or partnering with us, please go here: CURRENT NEEDS