We had the privilege of helping some friends of ours as they begin their path on the Gerson Therapy. After they left to go to the Gerson clinic for a few weeks, we wanted to serve them by getting their home prepared for the intense therapy they will be doing at home. One of the most overwhelming tasks is when people return home and realize that they must transform the way they live and eat with no exceptions. Since the kitchen is the place where they will be spending most of their time, we hit that first. We emptied cabinets, disposed of any toxic chemicals, removed any unapproved food items, and arranged the kitchen for efficiency.

Thanks to the hearts of friends, we had people there to help who are cheering this fantastic family on while they move toward healing. It took a lot of work, but we threw a little fun in as well. Take a look at some of the fun we had during our time there:


This was the most important thing we could do: pray over the home!


Asking the Ultimate Healer for His hand of healing!


Out with the non-Gerson items (and containers)


Heather educating folks on the list of Gerson approved foods


Kicking out any chemicals that can hinder the healing process


A table full of homemade cleaners and new kitchen tools


Some very important reference books!


Even a pregnant gal came to join the fun. (Congrats B!)


Ball jars are your friends…


Ain’t she beautiful? She needs a name…any ideas?


Getting cloths ready for juicing.


Nice rack!


This is used for weighing the produce that will be washed every day.

This was a great day that we were very honored to be part of. We would like to say thanks again to all of you who joined us and worked hard in the name of love. What a great example of community in action! It’s people like this that have made it so Sy is where he is today. We just want to pass it on!

So, this is exactly the kind of thing that brings joy and fulfillment to our hearts. As we continue to move forward toward serving people all over the world full-time, we hope to be posting more and more events like this. We will keep you updated!

If you have a moment today, we ask for your prayers for this family as they begin this journey of Gerson in their home!

All in,