These are some of the questions we get on a pretty frequent basis. We hope they help answer yours… If not, please send your question through our form HERE.

How did you start blogging?
Heather started blogging back in February of 2009 because our son, Silas, was heading up to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for more testing and a treatment plan for a disease he has struggled with since birth. So many friends and family from across the nation wanted updates, so blogging was the easiest and quickest way to keep folks informed. After that week of blogging, Heather had so many emails and personal pleas for help from other EE moms and those struggling with health, that she just decided to keep on posting. If this silly little blog can help and encourage anyone else out there, then it’s worth it. As you may have seen, what we thought would start as something small has taken us to places beyond our dreams.

Where the heck are you?
Writing this still feels crazy, but we picked up and moved our family of six from the U.S. to just south of Cape Town, South Africa. Our last home in the States was just outside of Orlando, Florida, but we’ve actually lived somewhat all over–Indiana, Massachusetts, Arizona, South Carolina, and Georgia. We are halfway around the world because we felt a call, doors opened, and we took a huge step of faith.

Say what? Can you give more details on your journey to South Africa?
Before moving to South Africa, we put together a short video that tells a bit of our backstory. You can check that out HERE.

How long have you been married?
Jordan (who often posts too) and Heather have been married since 1997. We are in it to win it.

What are your backgrounds?
Jordan served as a firefighter/paramedic in Florida (Clemson University). Heather had a background in public school teaching, coaching, and administration (Anderson University). We are both using our skills in health and aquaponics (a few things we’ve picked up along the way) to serve the needs of the great people of South Africa and give poverty the beat down it deserves.

What exactly are you doing?
We are serving within two poverty-stricken communities within South Africa. One is a more established township of over 40,000 people and the other is an informal settlement of about 200 people. Both are in  desperate shape and we are serving alongside two non-governmental organizations that have gobbled up the opportunity to have someone show them the miracle of aquaponics farming (for sustaining families and providing income) and basic health and hygiene education (to lower disease impacts and costs of healthcare.) Make sure you stay tuned to see what exciting things are happening!

How do you sustain your own family?
This is the crazy part. We are allowed to live in South Africa on a volunteer visa, which means that we are not permitted to receive pay from any company or organization here. This is a good thing, as the job economy here is in serious trouble and we don’t want to take a job from a South African who needs it. The only way we can continue to be here is through others who have heard our story and believe in what we are doing. We are also working on developing our online business to provide a part of our income here. If you are interested in partnering with our work, please click HERE.

How many kids do you have?
We have 4 children… Esther (born in 2005), Silas (2006), Phoebe (2010), and Asher (2012).

Why do you homeschool?
Heather actually taught in the public school system for several years and we’re still shocked that we homeschool. Over the years, we felt more and more conviction to do it and to really work on character building in our children. We feel like our children are only young once and we want to be the major influences in their lives. However, this is just our personal conviction… we were both raised in public school and had great experiences. Homeschooling has also given us the freedom to travel overseas, so we are thankful for the opportunity.

What is your religious background?
Christ followers! We really strive to just be ordinary radicals but be truly sold out for Him. We also desire to have our kids say that their parents loved and served God with their whole hearts!


What is the name of the disease your son has?
Eosinophilic Esophagitis

How can I get more information about EE?
There are lots of websites out there… If you have specific questions, then send us a message HERE and we will be happy to answer. We’ve had experience with both conventional medicine and natural health. Also, check out our “Resources” page… We’ve posted some good sites there.

Has your son really had to endure times of not eating anything at all?
Yes, he lived over a year on no food–only elemental formula. Seriously. It was awful.


What made you choose to stop the traditional medical treatment and start the Gerson Therapy?
Basically we spent over five and a half years just trying to get answers and specifics on this disease to help Sy. His medical team in Cincinnati was just fantastic but unfortunately, Sy was not responding to their only avenues of treatment. The disease is less than 15 years old (which is “young” in the medical world) so there isn’t tons of research and treatment options which is why we need more awareness! However, once we realized that the treatment options were not working for Sy, we wanted to understand what the root problem was and how to fix that. Even if the treatment plans did work for him (which they didn’t), a child cannot live on steroids or elemental formula forever (our only two options). Seriously, the doctors don’t know the effects of these long-term…

The final straw was when our doc said, “We’re out of options.” At that point, we felt like we had nothing to lose and we were desperate for answers. Someone had told me about The Gerson Therapy a week before and that truly felt that it was a God-ordained conversation. Jordan is trained in paramedicine and we did LOADS of research and in the end, it made sense that this therapy could not only work but actually heal our little boy’s body. We decided to give it over to God and give the therapy a shot. We could always go back to conventional medicine if it didn’t work…

How can I get more information about the Gerson Therapy?
Check out our post, “What If I’m Considering Gerson?

Again, feel free to send any questions our way HERE with any specific questions and we’d be happy to answer. This therapy is not a gimmick… They have nothing to sell… we were skeptical at first, but it’s definitely the real deal and I believe it’s how God designed us to eat in the first place.

How intense is the Gerson Therapy and can anyone do it?
The therapy is not for the faint of heart. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider it until it’s their last option. Although it’s intense, time consuming, and costly it has been worth it to so many to see their loved ones recover from serious or fatal diseases. I have to say that I’m very thankful for it and it’s worth all of the work to see our boy eat again!