” So you guys are a family of six living full-time in an RV? No way! Where in the world do you put everything?”

This is one of the very first questions that we are usually ask once people hear about our crazy adventures and how we once lived in a beautiful 2000 square-foot home and now we cozily live in a 300 square-foot “cottage.” Ha!

Creativity, Minimalism, Organization, and Storage–these are the master keys to having the perfect place for everything in your RV.

In this video, I specifically cover how I store clothes for our four kiddos (including shoes) and their toys. Keep in mind that everything is stored in such a way that they are road friendly. Items stay in place during travel because nobody wants to arrive at their next destination with a clean-up catastrophe. We want to keep the adventures fun! (See below for links to some of the items we mention in the video.)

I love these tips and tricks and the kids seem to dig them as well. They have never once complained about not having enough toys and I love how they spend so much time playing outside!

You may be able to find better prices, but this will give you an idea of what we used. Happy organizing!

Toy Bins & Large Clothes Bins

Small Clothes Bins

Shoe/Toiletry/Craft Organizer

FlipFold Jr. Clothes Folder

Closet Tension Rods

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