Hey Folks!

Just putting out a call for something that will only take you seconds, but could make a huge impact on our family and our call to reach out to others.

We are trying to win a scholarship for an online course that would give us much of the training we need to help launch our media platform into a whole other universe. This course is self-paced and we could complete it on our own time, which is exactly what we need right now (although we are anxious to tear into it). Because we have clear vision about this part of our lives, we know that this would be like hitting a grand slam for the bigger picture that we see in our imaginations.

So, if you would be so kind… Could you please visit my Facebook page here and like/comment on the post that begins with “Hey, sorry for a duplicate post…”? (Make sure you do the right one.) We are trying to increase our social ranking for a better chance to win. If you know of others who could get on there and make a couple clicks, please feel free to share it. The deadline is tomorrow, but I think the likes would be a greater benefit if you could do it before you go to bed tonight.

Thanks so so much and we’ll be anxious to let you know how it turns out!