Well, Sy’s elemental diet started this past Sunday! He can only consume special, amino acid-based formula and water—no food. Yep, that’s right NO FOOD! Fortunately the formula comes in this juice box type packaging so it makes it a little more fun for him. Our latest game is asking Sy, “So what’s in your juice box today?” He smiles and says, “Milk, eggs, yogurt, “samwich”, ice cream, gum…” The list goes on and on but tends to include those foods that he hasn’t been able to eat (the boy has never had ice cream)!

We had some tears the first morning but haven’t had as much a one complaint since. He understands that this is to help him get better. We spend much of our time teaching and training our children about godly character attributes. However, I am finding more and more that God is using Silas to teach ME about true joy, patience, long-suffering, trust, hope and self-control. Granted it’s only been a few days, but his willingness and sweet spirit in all of this just blows all of us away.

Sy will be on this diet for a minimum of 3-months. We will travel back to Cincinnati in September and he’ll have another endoscopy. We’re praying for radical improvement and healing! If so, then we’ll be able to introduce one food (like apples) for two weeks and then travel up to Cincinnati for endoscopies every 6-weeks indefinitely… The goal is to figure out exactly what foods are causing the high white blood cell count and swelling in his esophagus.

So this is Sy’s life for a while… If you live locally and think of it, high five him or give him an extra hug. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even tell you what’s in his juice box today!